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Take performance measurement to the next level with the Experience API (xAPI)!

The Experience API (xAPI) allows activities to be tracked as learners perform them. Think of it as a stream of activities that a learner has performed. xAPI provides you with the opportunity to track course interactions at a granular level, measuring far beyond basic course completion. Using xAPI also allows you to track performance data outside the LMS, with the potential to integrate with other data streams to see how learning experiences affect a learner’s day-to-day activities.

Get started with xAPI at this immersive, hands-on workshop. Industry experts will guide you through the process of getting started with xAPI while building your functional knowledge for immediate application. You will work with sample projects to develop and publish xAPI-enabled content for a specific outcome, and experience live data streams throughout the event. You will be guided through the process of building a data strategy, enabling your learning solutions to write xAPI statements to a Learning Record Store (LRS), and analyzing the data that is captured. You will leave the event with your own sample project that reports real-time xAPI statements to an LRS, as well as access to self-paced courses and resources at

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the current state of xAPI, learn relevant terminology, and deconstruct case examples.
  • Learn the proper methodology to design an xAPI-enabled project with data analysis as a primary driver.
  • Develop an xAPI-enabled learning solution with rapid development tools and custom coding.
  • Implement an LRS to capture statements in real time.
  • Registration and Light Breakfast
  • Welcome to LearnNow
    We’ll kick off the event by discussing some of the objectives and setting expectations for the next day and a half.
  • How to Talk xAPI
    We will make sure everyone is at the same level with the current terminology used in projects and the path forward for the Experience API.
  • Guided Tour of xAPI
    We walk through the elements that make up a modern learning ecosystem and an example ecosystem.
  • Statement Structure and Data Strategy
    We will walk participants through what makes an xAPI statement and what can be included in the statement. As the statement is being built, we will show the importance of data strategy as it relates to the statement.
  • Data Strategy Breakouts
    After learning about data strategy, you will be given an example to deconstruct statements and review the data strategy. You will also select an interaction to build a sample data strategy of your own.
  • Lunch
  • Data Strategy Breakout Results
    We will meet together to go over the data strategy results from the breakouts. Each group will have a chance to present the data strategy they have put together.
  • Analytics
    After collecting data, you need to do something with it. You will look at real data, review data quality, and look at some simple analytics using tools you already have.
  • xAPI in the Real World: Practical xAPI Applications
    With an understanding of how xAPI works and what goes into an xAPI-enabled data project, we will review and deconstruct projects that exist in the real world.
  • Tool Talk
    Wondering where the development tools are for xAPI? In this section, we will review several rapid development tools and where they are in their implementation of xAPI.
  • Wrap-Up Day 1
    We will finish day 1 with a recap of where you are in the process of building your plan. We will discuss the plan for day 2, where you will put knowledge into practice and build your first statements.
  • Light Breakfast and Networking
  • Recap Day 1 and Kick Off Day 2
    We will review our day 1 activities and introduce today’s agenda.
  • Build Your Data Strategy
    You will use knowledge gained on day 1 to set up a data strategy for an existing project. The data strategy will be used in a hands-on exercise later in the day.
  • Set Up a Learning Record Store (LRS)
    You will learn what it takes to get an LRS ready to receive data and how to enable content to write to the LRS.
  • Develop an xAPI-Enabled Learning Solution
    Using the data strategy generated earlier, you will learn how to enable your projects (using Storyline, Captive, or HTML) to write xAPI statements from a project to the LRS. You will be provided with a developed file to use during the session.
  • Lunch
  • Develop an xAPI-Enabled Learning Solution, continued

    Using the data strategy generated earlier, you will learn how to enable your projects (using Storyline, Captive, or HTML) to write xAPI statements from a project to the LRS. You will be provided with a developed file to use during the session.
  • Viewing xAPI Statements
    You will use your LRS to view statements generated by your project. The statements will be used to debug any issues with the developed projects.
  • Program Wrap-Up
    We will finish by discussing next steps to send you back to your organization with a plan for implementing xAPI in your learning programs.

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