March 28-29, 2019

Alexandria, VA

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Those who oversee frontline managers are challenged more than ever to be growth agents for their organizations. This means actively developing their direct reports to ensure they are promoting learning and growth, modeling and reinforcing effective workplace skills, identifying challenges and opportunities for organizational success, and creating a talent pipeline for the future.

Knowing how to effectively develop the frontline manager can be a challenge for those leading the charge. ATD’s LearnNow: Developing the High-Performance Manager workshop utilizes the ACCEL framework to teach managers the fundamentals of effective leadership, including accountability, communication, collaboration, engagement, and listening and assessing.

After attending this workshop, managers will walk away with a customized plan to effectively develop talent, build future leaders, and ensure a sustainable leadership pipeline.

Learning Objectives:

  • Align your frontline managers’ learning needs and organizational strategy to the ACCEL framework and ensure your organizational requirements are met.
  • Identify ways to overcome barriers that prevent managers from developing their direct reports.
  • Design a customized program using the ACCEL framework to teach your frontline managers how to effectively develop talent.
  • Registration / Light Breakfast / Networking
  • Welcome to LearnNow

    Welcome to LearnNow

    • Agenda Review
    • Setting Expectations for the Session
  • Introduction Activity
    • Participant Introductions and Measures of Success
  • Morning Session (with breaks)

    Defining the High-Performance Manager

    • What is a high performing manager in my organization?
    • Group Activity: Similarities and differences across organizations

    Developing the High-Performance Manager

    • What is a high-performing manager in my organization?
    • Group Activity: Similarities and differences across organizations
    • Helping managers develop, connect and engage their direct reports
    • ACCEL Research
    • Group Activity: Identifying knowledge, skills, and support needed to develop high-performing managers

    Reflection and Action Planning in Learning Groups

  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Session (with breaks)

    ACCEL Framework

    • Group Activity: Learning Stations and Groupwork to explore ACCEL skills to develop the high performing manager

    Reflection and Action Planning in Learning Groups

  • Wrap-Up : Day 2 Expectations

    We will finish day 1 with a recap of where you are in the process of building your plan. We will discuss the plan for day 2, where you will put knowledge into practice and build your first statements.

  • Day 1 Reflection/Discussion
  • Morning Session (with breaks)

    Identifying Ways to Overcome Barriers that Prevent Managers from Developing their Direct Reports

    • Group Activity: Identifying Barriers and Strategies to Overcome Them
    • Accountability and Support
  • Break
  • Afternoon Session (with breaks)

    Action Plan Review and Feedback in Learning Groups

    Reflection and Action Planning

    Large Group Discussion

    • Sharing of ideas and insights from Action Plan Review and Feedback
  • Day 2 Wrap-Up

    Share lessons learned from workshop and next steps.



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