17 Things You Can Do Better With xAPI Than With SCORM

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

As adoption of xAPI (the Experience API, or Tin Can API) begins to spread, the convergence of working and learning offers instructional designers the opportunity—and the challenge—to do more than ever before. 

For instance, xAPI allows for more robust and interesting tracking of the learning process, including learning that happens outside the LMS and on the job. What’s more, as actual performance and results data are combined with learning metrics, we will have the data we need to tailor the learning process to individual needs while simultaneously drawing more useful conclusions about the learning as a whole across a wider population. 

Here are 17 things you can do better with xAPI than with SCORM.


Want to learn more? Join me for ATD’s Essentials of Creating Learning Experiences With xAPI. We’ll discuss three key areas of xAPI that affect instructional design: 1) identifying, finding, and analyzing data; 2) examining how and when to work with your LMS, learning record store (LRS), or both; and 3) leveraging xAPI across a variety of learning vectors—formal and informal, social and private, formative and summative, and predictable and variable.



About the Author

Megan Torrance is the Chief Energy Officer of TorranceLearning, an elearning design and development firm outside of Ann Arbor, MI. She has spent over two decades knee-deep in projects involving change management, instructional design, consulting and systems deployment. Megan thrives on design excellence and elegant project management. And coffee. She and the TorranceLearning team have developed the LLAMA project management approach, blending Agile with excellent instructional design techniques. TorranceLearning projects have won IELA and BrandonHall awards, and the 2014 xAPI Hyperdrive contest at DevLearn.

Publications include “A Quick Guide to LLAMA: Agile Project Management for Learning,” and “Agile and LLAMA for ISD Project Management,” a TD at Work. Megan has written for TD Magazine several times including the article, “What is xAPI” in the February 2016 issue. 

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