How Online Training Keeps Government Agencies Resilient

Thursday, September 3, 2015

In today’s ever-changing and demanding environment, government agencies across the country are on the frontlines, providing important information and essential public services.

Resiliency—the ability to adjust easily to change—is critical and mandatory for any agency to complete its mission. Effective employee training can make the difference between struggling to meet objectives and exceeding expectations.  Amid the multitude of staff learning experiences available, online training is best suited to support agency resiliency. Here’s why:

Online Training Is Available On-Demand. Whether an employee works toward a professional development goal or just needs a quick answer to get “unstuck,” effective online training is available anytime, anywhere—and on any device including smartphones and tablets. When researching options, make sure to confirm mobile device access.

Content Grows Over Time. One great thing about a physical library is the constant addition of new materials to check out. The same can be said of effective online training. Before purchasing a solution, find out how often new content is added and existing courses updated. If building your own training library, make a plan for frequent updates and additions.


It Costs Less Than Classroom Instruction. The cost benefit of high-quality online training is in its size and scale. Skip the travel costs of live training and invest in more content for less.

It Supports Employee’s Needs Throughout Their Careers. 
From basic technology courses to advanced leadership development, effective online training provides a vast range of software, creative, and business skills content at all learning levels, supporting employees as they grow and progress.

Success Is Easily Tracked. Effective online training provides insight into employee usage and course views, which helps identify areas of need or interest for future training. Demonstrating impact and return on investment (ROI) is easy with consolidated reports.

Bottom line: Effective online training can play a critical role in making any government agency resilient. Change is inevitable, but with the help on an online training library, your agency can be prepared.

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About the Author

Koreen Pagano, senior product manager at, is passionate about helping people learn more effectively. Koreen advocates new ways of using technology for organizational learning, with an emphasis on performance improvement and behavioral change. She has strong ties to education, having received her MS in curriculum and instruction from Penn State University. She helped start Freire Charter School in 1999, and founded Tandem Learning in 2008 to demonstrate the untapped potential of immersive learning design. An internationally recognized speaker and organizational consultant, Koreen has taught graduate courses at Harrisburg University and writes the blog Learning in Tandem.

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