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Just Call Me “The PUNCH Promoter”

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

No, I am not an advocate for boxing. If I’m somehow convinced to attend a boxing match, you won’t find me anywhere but ringside. What I am, however, is an enthusiastic facilitator of ATD’s Training Certificate Program. In this role, I promote PUNCH, the acronym used to highlight the five keys for a successful training start.

The trick is delivering that first “punch” so quickly and on target that the learners don’t even know what hit ’em, but they know they want more! It is all about energizing participants in ways that encourage learning throughout the training session. We want participants’ first impressions to be positive ones. Using PUNCH helps.

During the course, we also cover the four-stage training cycle. Each stage includes the pivotal concepts related to a facilitator’s or trainer’s role. You will apply your knowledge of the four-stage training cycle in multiple skill-building exercises. The real focal point of this Training Certificate Program is your role as the facilitator of a group of adult learners. On the third day of the program, you get to facilitate a topic for a small group of your peers and receive feedback. It is the best part of our time together.


If you are new to training, or new to your role as a training facilitator, this course might be for you. Yes, I am a PUNCH promoter, and I want you to be one, too. I hope you will join me in Orlando May 14-16 and be a part of the program.


About the Author

Lorimer Fauntleroy is the principal of Pinnacle Performance Partners (P3), based in Sarasota, Florida. P3 is a workplace learning and development company specializing in performance-based learning solutions. P3 assists clients in determining whether the cause of a performance gap is a lack of performer knowledge or skills. When it is, P3 creates a performance-based learning solution. P3 has provided on-site services for clients since 1998. Additionally, since 2000, P3 has assisted ATD in various capacities including a number of course redesigns and development, course review and oversight, and course facilitation. Lorimer holds a BA degree in History from the University of Richmond and a MS degree in Human Resource Development from the University of Tennessee.

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