Meet ASTD 2014 International Conference & Exposition Featured Guest Speaker: Arinya Talerngsri

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Welcome to the Global HRD Featu­­red Guest Speaker Blog Series. The purpose of this series is to introduce the topics and guest speakers from the Global HRD track of the ASTD 2014 International Conference & Exposition. This week’s featured guest speaker is Arinya Talerngsri, presenting, “Solving the Talent Crisis: Culture and the ASTD Talent Framework.” We have asked her to answer the following questions to help our community members gain insight into some of the content she will cover at this year’s conference.

What is the topic of your presentation?

I will share the story of implementing a leadership driven application of the ASTD Talent Management framework in an Asian-based conglomerate across brands that are household names in the United States, such as Four Seasons and St. Regis hotels, Burger King, Dairy Queen, and Sizzler restaurants. I will also share insights about other companies that resonate in the Asian region such as Anantara, a homegrown five-star hotel and resort brand in Asia and the Middle East, and The Pizza Company, one of Asia’s best known pizza brands. I will share how culture and talent were transformed to solve a serious talent deficit issue, and how the top 100 leaders in the organization were transformed into to talent seekers to facilitate organizational growth.

Why is this topic important for L&D professionals?

I will share lessons learned that provide startling insights for any organization concerned about talent. The session will provide the perspective of the CEO and CPO (who will be joining us), the leadership team, the L&D people who need to make it happen, and also the consultants working on the project. It will be a 360-degree view that presents a complete picture of a successful implementation and the experienced gained. More importantly for L&D professionals, and even for the C-level themselves, we will share “how” and “why” the top of the house needs to be engaged to ensure success and a good working relationship between the C-level of this unique organization, the L&D team, and APM, and the roles they played in driving project success.

What will be the top three takeaways from your presentation?

1) What the leadership team needs to be doing to secure the organization’s leadership future and how they should do it.

2) How you can roll out a program like this across three continents and dozens of brands and still develop and maintain a cohesive and positive culture, in and across business units.


3) How to apply the world class ASTD talent framework and ensure it sticks.

What is your experience with ASTD or the ASTD International Conference & Exposition?

I have been honored to be invited to speak at a number of ASTD events in the United States, specifically on Asian leadership at ASTD 2011 International Conference & Exposition in Orlando, and on the subject of developing a leadership profile and leadership brand in an Asian conglomerate at the ASTD 2012 International Conference & Exposition in Denver. I also spoke at an ASTD conference in Singapore on the same subject, and I have always found the experience incredibly rewarding. I expect to meet some of the finest minds in our field and share ideas and experiences as well as make friends and relationships that can benefit us all. There have been some excellent topics and ideas for the future that we can take to develop our businesses and our nation.

What do you expect to get out of this year’s event?

I expect to learn some real stories and insights that will make me think and improve what I do back on the job. I also look forward to meeting open and like-minded individuals so that we can all become smarter due to our shared “wisdom of the crowd.”

What are some suggestions you have for attendees to get the most out of their experience at ASTD 2014?

Learn new things and ideas—even if they may not seem immediately applicable. Also, the conference is nothing without the people, so meet, share, and interact freely with everyone to make the most of the experience.

About the Speaker

Arinya Talerngsri is the group managing director at APM Group, Thailand’s largest people and organization development consultancy. For the past 20 years she has been honored to be a trusted advisor to some of Thailand’s most prestigious organizations and government bodies as they developed their business and people around the South East Asian region. She is looking forward to sharing her experience and insights on a highly successful talent management program involving some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

About the Author
Nan Kim is the international coordinator for the Association for Talent Development (ATD), the world's largest association dedicated to to those who develop talent in organizations. She supports the International department by facilitating the exchange of knowledge among the global learning and development community. She also helps manage the Global HRD Community of Practice, where she supports professionals around the world to share regional best practices, conduct global benchmarking, and discuss cross-cultural and global talent development issues. Nan graduated from The University of North Carolina with a BA in sociology.
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