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New ATD Research Examines the Role of Coaching as a Key Managerial Tool

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Managers have the critical responsibility of delivering performance results and developing people, and if they cannot perform these tasks effectively the organization suffers. Learning and talent development professionals must make sure managers have the tools necessary to achieve strategic business goals, and coaching is an important and underutilized tool, according to a new research from the Association for Talent Development (ATD). The new report, The Coaching Approach: A Key Tool for Successful Managers, examines the use of coaching as a managerial tool, and provides insight on how learning leaders can more effectively develop and sustain successful coaching programs.

According to the  report, “for coaching to be an effective tool for enhancing performance and developing employees, it must be recognized not only as a skill needed by managers, but also as an integral part of an organization’s talent development strategy.” Although coaching is a powerful tool, only 27 percent of survey respondents say they incorporate it significantly into their talent development portfolio. The report notes that organizations are willing to support managers with learning tools, but a significant 41 percent of respondents say they struggle to identify traits of a successful manager, which threatens development efforts.

Key conclusions and recommendations from The Coaching Approach: A Key Tool for Successful Managers include:

  • Coaching is not actively emphasized in many organizations and nearly 60 percent of organizations don’t recognize coaching as a valued skill. Only 27 percent of organizations incorporate coaching to a high or very high extent. A full third of organizations say they do not measure coaching competency for managers.
  • To fully realize the potential of coaching, organizations should emphasize, measure, and recognize it. These three best practices are associated with greater coaching effectiveness.
  • For coaching to take hold in an organization, senior leaders must understand the value of coaching. They should have a clear knowledge of the steps involved in, and the potential benefits of, any new coaching training program.
  • Coaching should be targeted at employees at all performance levels; it is not just for those needing remedial action or only for high-performing individuals.

The Coaching Approach: A Key for Successful Managers, is available on the ATD store. For a copy of this report visit: Coaching.

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