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The CPLP Credential Is a Game Changer

Thursday, December 14, 2017

My undergrad degree is in electronics technology. How in the world, you may ask, am I in the learning industry? I wonder myself sometimes! I stumbled my way into a training position purely by accident. I started out as a call center supervisor and was promoted to a business analyst for a large health insurance company, and I hated it! To begin my supervisory position, I went through a 16-week training program. I became friends with the trainers, and I really liked the idea of sharing what I knew in a controlled environment. About a month before my year was up as a business analyst, which would make me eligible to apply for another position, a training position became available. I begged the human resources director (yes, begged) to allow me to apply early, sharing all the shenanigans I endured in my current department, and he relented.

I trained call center new hires, and I loved it! It was the most fun I had ever had at work. As I think back, I didn’t realize how much instructional design I was actually working on. I talked to the supervisors about what they thought should be included in the training program. I revamped and developed training modules. I developed job aids to support my students in class, and evaluation tools. I even created process manuals for my training team. I did all this with no formal knowledge of ADDIE, and, somehow, I was using the ADDIE system. I did earn a master’s degree in teaching and learning with technology along the way, but I still didn’t feel very confident with all aspects of my field.


Fast forward to my current job. I was unemployed for about four months prior to starting my current job. The recruiter, for some reason, spent a lot of time prepping me for this opportunity. I had to Google a lot of concepts to prepare for my interview, only to find out I knew about everything the job required. I just didn’t know the correct terminology. My current job is where I faithfully began to use ADDIE for developing learning events. For some reason, I still wasn’t confident with the knowledge I was using every day. I found myself in meetings having ideas and suggestions that I thought would work, but I remained quiet because I didn’t want to embarrass myself. After a meeting, I might ask someone I trusted if my thoughts and ideas were relevant to a topic that was discussed, and I would always receive confirmation that I was on track. Something had to change.

I had researched the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) credential off and on for years, but I didn’t think I was eligible to apply. I finally took the plunge and earned it, and my professional life has changed for the better. I feel so much more confident with the knowledge I have. I share in meetings, and I make recommendations to challenges we have as a team that I can support with information I learned while studying for the CPLP exams. I believe the credential has made me more attractive to recruiters, as well. Although I’m not actively job hunting, when I’m ready, this credential will be a huge selling point. The knowledge I’ve gained from having this credential has made me love this vocation even more. There are so many options for what I can do to make a living in this field, and there are so many facets of this field that I really enjoy. My skills and ideas have been stretched since I earned the CPLP credential. Now, I feel like the sky’s the limit!

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About the Author
Kimberly Cooper has more than 15 years of adult learning experience across multiple industries. She provides training, instructional systems design, and curriculum development as an intermediate learning specialist for VMD Systems Integrators. Kim is a graduate of Norfolk State University and Ashford University, and is an advocate of lifelong learning, whether formal or informal. Kim strives to design learning experiences that present information in a way that is easily received, applied, and retrieved. She believes information is most helpful when it’s available at just the right time. Kim is passionate about sharing information that will improve people’s lives.
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Thank you for sharing your has inspired me to look more closely into getting my credentials. I'm nervous...I don't know why? I'm a confident trainer...I'm worried about finding the time to study for the exam.
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