Toolbox Tip: Creating FAQs Using the FAQ and Tabs Interactions in Articulate Engage

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Nearly every training program or product is going to have a frequently asked questions (FAQs) component, so it’s important to think about this section as you plan your course. FAQs are somewhat of a balancing act: How to give learners meaningful answers to their questions without making them scroll through countless pages of content to find their answers.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution: Create an interactive FAQ section for your training program! And Articulate Engage lets you do just that, and there are two interaction types particularly well-suited for the task: FAQ and Tabs.

FAQ Interaction

This feature gives developers an easy-to-use interface to add steps (or questions) and populate the answers. The output result is a list of interactive questions. Users can then select a question to reveal a content panel with the answers or information they need. What’s neat is that this interaction also has a search feature. When enabled, users can easily search the FAQs instead of skimming each one.



Tab Interaction

Another option is to use a tabbed layout like the Tabs interaction in Articulate Engage for your FAQs. The Tabs interaction is designed to group like content (such as FAQs) in tabs located on one screen, instead of multiple screens. If you use a tab for your FAQ question, the answer content will appear in a panel beside the tab.



Whichever aesthetic you prefer, it’s really easy to create interactive FAQs in Articulate Engage, without making users scroll through page after page. Your learners will love that!

About the Author

Ashley Chiasson is an instructional designer and consultant based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, with over six years of professional experience. She has a passion for creating meaningful learning experiences and holds a Masters of Education (Post-Secondary Studies) from Memorial University of Newfoundland and a Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics and Psychology) from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax Nova Scotia.

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