Using Data Analytics to Transform Government

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The federal government collects mountains of data from its citizens. However, knowing how best to organize, manage, and extract insights from these large, diverse data sets is a challenge.  Enter data analytics. 

The good news: Most state and federal governments have begun to recognize the benefits of applying analytics. In fact, a Fortune article reports that “McKinsey & Co. estimates that by digitizing information, disseminating public data sets, and applying analytics to improve decision making, government agencies can act as catalysts for more than $3 trillion in economic value.” 

Government Workforce: Learning Innovations has dedicated an entire track to helping public managers tap into the power of data analytics. Here’s a look at four sessions that can help your agency use its many data sets to see the big picture. 

Connecting the Dots: Using Relational Data to Drive Workforce Analytics

Are you looking at the big picture when it comes to workforce development? Do you know what your levels of attrition or engagement actually say about your agency? Join us to learn how to use relational data to build a deeper understanding of the health of your agency’s workforce by connecting the trends you already track.


Taking It to the Next Level: Boosting Program Performance With Smart Data

Do you use data to improve your workforce? Do you understand how to measure efficiency and performance? The analytical processes you’re already using can also be applied to manage your agency’s performance. This session covers everything you need to know about measuring the effectiveness of specific agency programs while identifying areas where you can improve.

Measuring Change: Building an Environment for Engagement

Where do you start when improving employee engagement rates and optimizing Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey data? How do you gauge engagement? Is your agency doing everything it can to make improvements? Join us as we take an action-oriented approach to engagement. In this session, we’ll look at what government is doing to meet federal requirements and what individual agencies can do now to make improvements across the board.

Social Media Strategies for Customer-Centered Government

Are you ready for the challenge of new media? Agencies are being tasked with developing a stronger digital presence, leveraging platforms like the Internet and mobile. But engaging the public can be almost as difficult as engaging the workforce if the right strategies aren’t followed. Learn how you can make public services more accessible by implementing strategies that create a customer-centered government in the digital age.


About the Author

Ryann K. Ellis is an editor for the Association of Talent Development (ATD). She has been covering workplace learning and performance for ATD (formerly the American Society for Training & Development) since 1995. She currently manages ATD's Community of Practice blogs, as well as ATD's government-focused magazine, The Public Manager. Contact her at 

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