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Press Release

Welcome to the New ATD Website

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Welcome to the new website! As you explore the site, I’d like to share some of its new features.

We serve our members and visitors to by providing content covering all aspects of talent development, access to a network of peers in the profession, and expertise from thought leaders.

The new site has a cleaner look and feel. Our goal is to offer you a more personal experience through a simpler design that directs you to our content and allows you to engage with other members of the ATD community. And, members have easier access to their member benefits and special member-only content.

Here’s a snapshot of what you can do on the new

  • Access content more easily. As we planned for and built the site, an important priority was to make it easier for you to discover content based on topics that are of interest to you. Visitors will be able to explore content by topics rather than through the lens of our communities of practice. In the Explore Content section of the navigation menu, you’ll find links to 14 megatopics that are aligned with the areas of expertise (AOEs) in the ATD Competency Model and supported by a variety of subtopics. For example, learning technologies is a main topic, and when you visit its landing page, you’ll find content about e-learning, gamification, simulations, and more. All of ATD’s content is tagged and categorized to help you and your colleagues find what you’re looking for in a variety of formats—articles, blogs, books, education programs, events, videos, webcasts, and other resources and tools.
  • Engage with the global community and share content. Helping our members connect is an important part of building a vibrant talent development community. Our new site features a robust online community where ATD members will be able to share content by writing a blog post, starting a discussion, adding photos and videos, or sharing files. You’ll be able to comment on colleagues’ posts, follow one another, bookmark something for later reading, and more!

    If you’re an ATD author, speaker, or facilitator, you may already have a bio on our site, which is a great start! All ATD members can create online profiles on the new We invite you to further develop your profile by adding your own content, selecting topics that you want to follow, commenting on other blog posts, and bookmarking some articles that you’d like to read later. Please help us add new content to the site by posting a blog of your own, sharing new research, adding a video, or commenting on articles that you think others would find interesting and useful.

  • Enhance your value for membership. One of the most important aspects of our new site is to help you access member-only content and benefits through better navigation. An exciting change to our new site is that all members—regardless of your membership type—have access to all online, member-only content. Previously, if you had a Professional-level membership, you could access content in a maximum of four communities of practice. With this new site, we’ve opened the content to all members across the 14 megatopics. We hope that this access, combined with other member benefits (like TD magazine, free e-books, research whitepapers, and TD at Work), helps you explore even more of what being a part of ATD’s global community has to offer.

I invite you to learn more about the new site by watching our video, reviewing the guided tours that are available on several sections, and reading the how-to blogs we have posted. We will continue to develop the site based on your feedback.

Thank you for visiting our new site. We appreciate your involvement in our global community of talent development professionals!

About the Author

Tony Bingham is the president and CEO of the Association for Talent Development, formerly ASTD, the world’s largest professional association dedicated to those who develop talent in organizations. Tony works with a staff of 130, a Board of Directors, and a worldwide network of volunteers to empower professionals to develop talent in the workplace. 

Tony believes in creating a culture of engaged, high-performing teams that deliver extraordinary results. Deeply passionate about change, technology, and the impact of talent development, his focus is on adding value to ATD members and the global community of talent development professionals. He believes that aligning talent development efforts to business strategy, while utilizing the power of social and mobile technology for learning, is a key differentiator in business today.  

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Fantastic! I am navigating and finding really interesting content! Congrats ATD!
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I was in the learning portal and selected "contact us" because I need help locating my certificate and received error-404 (page not found). Just thought I would pass on the feedback. Thanks!
Hi Adria - Thanks for letting us know about the "contact us" link on the ATD Learning Portal. We were able to resolve that issue yesterday. To locate your certificate of completion, the easiest way is to use the Quick Links along the left side of the Learning Portal dashboard. There is a link titled "Reprint a Certificate." This will take you to your transcript where you can download and print your certificate. Please let us know if you have any other issues.
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Adria, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We still have a couple bugs to shake out! We'll get this fixed asap!
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I appreciate the chance to become a beta tester. Love what I see so far. And thanks to ATD and Tony for leading this professional and valuable resource into the next century!
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