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ATD serves China's talent development community together with our partners and supporters.
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    China has been experiencing fast development during the past decades. The demand for talent development was also increasing. Based on the popular demand, ATD established its first overseas office in Shanghai, China in 2014. ATD China, together its international strategic partners, organizes annual conference, delivers education programs, conducts member workshops and networking events to foster the talent development community in China. Please visit ATD China website to understand more. ATD China office is located at Room 2203B, Buildng No.3, JingAn Kerry Center, No. 1228 YanAn Road Middle, Shanghai, China.
  • ATD works with strategic partners, international delegation leaders, and supporters to organize conferences, workshops, and networking events in China.
  • ATD 2018 China Summit: Preparing Talent for the Future
    October 25-26, 2018 / Beijingna

    ATD organizes the ATD China Summit to serve talent development profession in China. Please visit the official conference website to understand more.
International Delegations
  • Many ATD publications have been translated into Chinese. Click here for the list.
  • ATD Certification testing center is available in China. Please visit ATD Certification Institute website to understand more.
  • Partnering with strategic partner, 51Job, ATD is currently offering education programs in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Dalian, and directly to enterprise clients. The programs include:
Enterprise Solution
  • Team in Office
    ATD China utilizes ATD’s global and local resources to help organizations to develop their talent development professionals. Through digital content portals, private on-site and online course deliveries, ATD is here to support. Contact us for more details.
Strategic Partners
  • ATD China works with organizations to bring the latest contents and services. ATD currently works with 5 strategic partners.
  • 51Job
    51JOB (Nasdaq: JOBS) is a leading human resource solutions provider in China, offering a broad array of services in the areas of Recruitment Solutions, Training & Assessment, and HR Outsourcing & Consulting services.
  • The China Post Group Corporation Training Center
    The China Post Group Corporation Training Center and Shijiazhuang Post and Telecommunications Professional Technology Academy was established in 1956. It is the education center for the China Post Group Corporation, as well as its distance education training center, information backup center, and postal technology service support foundation.
  • HRoot
    HRoot is the largest human resource media company in China, with such brands and services as, a world’s leading HR management website. HRoot also owns Apps with the largest number of both downloads and users, the Human Capital Management magazine and “Human Resource Service Providers Dictionary”.
  • Jiangsu Training Magazine
    Training Magazine is the first journal for corporate training and development in China. It is managed and hosted by Xinhua Daily Media Group. It has published more than 120,000 magazines, with more than 220 thousand readers. Focusing on corporate training and talent development, Training Magazine targets HR, training managers, and executives as its core readers.
  • Volkswagen Academy China
    Volkswagen Academy Sales and Service is the first overseas training center established by Volkswagen Group, and the first Volkswagen-authorized organization to issue Volkswagen Automobile training certificates and diplomas outside the headquarters in Germany.
Contact ATD China
Contact us to understand more ATD's activities, conferences, content, and member benefits in China.