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ATD serves Korea's talent development community together with our partners and supporters.
  • ATD works with strategic partners, international delegation leaders, and supporters to organize conferences, workshops, and networking events in Korea.

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    ATD 2017 Debriefing Workshop

    Friday, June 2, 2017 / Seoul, Korea
    Organizer: Korea Management Association

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    ATD 2017 Debriefing Workshop

    Friday, June 2, 2017 / Seoul, Korea
    Organizer: megaNEXT Delegation

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    ATD 2017 Debriefing Workshop

    Friday, June 9, 2017 / Seoul, Korea
    Organizer: Korean Standards Association

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    ATD 2018 Korea Summit

    Q1, 2018 / Seoul, Korea

International Delegation
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    TD Korea

    Together with its strategic partner, Korean Standards Association, ATD delivers the latest talent development contents and resources through TD Korea. TD Korea is a monthly publication, magazine contents are translated into Korean. To more information about the magazine and to subscribe, please visit the publisher's website.

  • CPLP Certification

    ATD Certification testing center is available in Korea. Please visit ATD Certification Institute website to understand more.

Strategic Partners
  • ATD works with strategic partners to provide the latest contents and services to talent development professionals in Korea. ATD currently works with 2 strategic partners in Korea.

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    Korea Management Association

    Founded in 1962 by private initiatives, Korea Management Association is an non-for-profit organization specializing in lifelong learning, executive development and management consulting. For the past half century, KMA has provided its clients and member companies with the best know-how on innovation and management skills in all fields of industries.

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    Korean Standards Association

    KSA leads Korea’s industrial development in the technology competitiveness era of the 21st century based on know-how accumulated through researches and studies on industrial standards and quality management, education and training, KSㆍISOㆍJIS certifications, promotional events, and international cooperation for the last 50 years.

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