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"My Purpose is to Help Others Dream Big and Achieve."


Headshot Alicia Arrington
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Alicia Arrington has been a member of ATD since 2016.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am a career consultant who joined Lee Hecht Harrison in 2016. My career was spent primarily in the hospitality industry working for a Fortune 500 provider of global food, facilities, and uniform services to education, healthcare, business, sports, leisure, and corrections clients.
My blended professional background also consists of tenures within human resources and recruitment. My leadership experience in these arenas included performance management programs, talent sourcing, coaching and development, and onboarding. My customer base was comprised of clients in the pharmaceutical, housing, financial services, and tobacco industries.

What are your personal and/or professional goals?
To expand my career from a consultant to an HR leadership role focused on talent development, training, and employee relations in a corporate setting where I can see my impact in organizational results. I want to use my talents to promote growth for both the organization and its members while driving profits.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve gained or experienced during your membership with ATD?
Engaging with my local chapter and meeting the movers and shakers in this group. I haven’t been able to engage in any of the trainings yet, but I plan on expanding my knowledge using ATD’s curriculum to grow myself both personally and professionally.


Could you share any professional tips, specific to talent development, that you have picked up along the way?
Listen to understand, and meet people where they are. I work with individuals every day who are at different stages of career planning and different levels of confidence. I find that listening more than I speak and asking the right questions enables me to deliver the right advice and ideas to help them attain the professional goals at their pace and comfort zone.

What’s a common misconception you see when it comes to talent development?
One size fits all. Everyone learns and experiences things differently. Some programs motivate, while others have little impact. Understanding the individual and the outcomes required for success and then finding the best match for training and developing that individual is more art than science.

Do you have any advice for people looking to further their careers?
Grow your knowledge. Be a continuous learner. Be curious!


What is your personal definition of talent development?
Building people capabilities that deliver tangible outcomes for individuals and the organizations in which they work, all while promoting engagement, sustainability, and advancement.

How do you stay motivated?
Assisting my clients with achieving the personal and professional goals that will satisfy their objectives and dreams is why I love what I do. To me, my purpose is to help others dream big and achieve.

How do you find meaning in your work?
Believing that what I do has a major impact on the lives of others.

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I enjoyed reading Alicia's story! She provided golden chunks of wisdom, especially her definition of Talent Development.
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Thanks for sharing with us, Alicia! I particularly appreciate your statement to "meet people where they are"!
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