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Are you a new trainer interested in putting learning theory to work or learning how to deal with difficult participants? Are you an established trainer who wants to incorporate social media, video, and mobile learning into your training solutions? Or perhaps you are a trainer seeking to gain a seat at the table by helping influence organizational culture and proving the true value of good training. Maybe as head of a training team, you need the right resource at the right time for team members. Each volume of the TD at Work Collection includes 15 issues of TD at Work and Infoline, is available in print or PDF format, and serves as a solid foundation for any training department or trainer.

Volume 1 | Foundations and Delivery: The Basics to Becoming a Successful Trainer
From designing learner-centered instruction to managing difficult participants, this collection delivers practical wisdom and essential tools designed to address the immediate needs of new trainers or as a refresher for more seasoned trainers.

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Volume 2 | Instructional Design and Implementation: The Tools for Creating a Training Curriculum
Ensure you reach trainees and make learning stick by understanding and harnessing digital and social tools. This collection paves the way and keeps you current on the fundamentals of training design and implementation.

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Volume 3 | Training Programs: Training for the New Reality
This collection provides updates for trainers about modern mentoring, the virtual workforce, and the global economy, and gives trainers information about revamping their training and development solutions.

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Volume 4 | Measurement and Evaluation: Essentials for Measuring Training Success
This collection gives trainers the tools to evaluate the success of their learning solution and explain the benefits of training to key stakeholders.

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Bundle | Four Volume Collection: Train the Trainer
The four-volume Train the Trainer collection has practical wisdom, memorable case studies, and job aids just for you. The set includes 60 TD at Work and Infoline issues organized into four volumes. It features new training tools and techniques and evergreen content essential to the learning and development profession.

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