ATD Chapters
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ATD Chapter Formation

Chapters provide opportunities for professionals in an area to connect and contribute to developing an active and vibrant local talent development community.
Overview of ATD Chapters

The purpose of ATD chapters is to provide local networking and professional development opportunities for training, talent development, and performance improvement professionals across the United States. ATD chapters are on the forefront of the talent development industry in its local area. The leadership structure of these chapters varies widely and allows for numerous involvement opportunities. Refer to the chapter locator to determine if there is a chapter in your area.

The following requirements must be met before a chapter charter application will be approved. Resources are provided below to assist your group with meeting the below qualifications.

A chapter-in-formation must:

  1. have a minimum of 50 chapter members of which a minimum of 20 chapter members must also be national members.
  2. The chapter must simultaneously maintain a joint national-chapter membership rate of 35 percent.
  3. have all elected officers and the membership chairperson be national members.
  4. be 100 percent compliant with the Chapter Affiliation Requirements (CARE) at the time of the CARE deadline following the chapter-in-formation’s one-year anniversary.
Chapter Formation Resources
Learn more about the process and get started.

Review the initial steps of the process and access resources and templates to support your efforts.

Complete the application to determine if your area could support an ATD chapter.

Have questions or need assistance? Contact our dedicated staff supporting local chapters.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I see if there is already a chapter in my area?
To find the ATD chapter nearest you, please visit or contact [email protected].

Please note that ATD chapters are domestic entities and are only located within the United States.
Do I have to be an ATD national member to start a chapter?
Yes, to start a chapter you must be a member of ATD. Additionally, all elected officers must be members of the national organization.
Who can form an ATD chapter?
Chapter formation requires that the person leading the effort be an ATD member and live or work in the area of the proposed chapter for at least 11 months of the calendar year. Additional leaders assisting with chapter formation efforts should be prepared to commit to periods of intense planning and execution as this process may take up to a year.
How do I get started?
To start the chapter formation process, review the Chapter Formation Toolkit. Following review of the toolkit, complete the Chapter Formation Application, and a chapter services staff member will reach out regarding your inquiry.
What are the steps to form a chapter?
There are six steps to forming a chapter briefly listed below:
  • Determine feasibility
  • Identify and recruit potential members,
  • Form a steering committee
  • Hold a formation meeting
  • File a petition for a chapter charter
  • Host a charter meeting

The initial steps and resources to support your efforts are included in the Chapter Formation Toolkit. A member of the chapter services staff will work closely with you to monitor your progress and share additional information.
Why do some chapter members also have to be members of ATD national?
The benefits of ATD national and chapter membership are both unique and complementary. Chapters offer local networking opportunities, special interest groups, local leadership, and professional development opportunities. ATD provides industry trends and insights, best practices, key research, an online library, and international networking opportunities. To fully maximize the ATD experience and professional development opportunities, talent development professionals are encouraged to hold both memberships. Professionals who join ATD and their local chapter are called Power Members.
Once formally chartered, what annual requirements are expected of chapters?
Chapters must complete a set of performance guidelines called the Chapter Affiliation Requirements (CARE) annually to maintain their affiliation with ATD national. CARE is designed to help chapters deliver consistent benefits to members and operate effectively and efficiently as a business.
Who can I contact with questions about the process?
For additional questions or assistance, please contact [email protected].