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February 2015
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Attracting Millennials
Monday, February 16, 2015

It’s becoming increasingly important for organizations to engage Millennials. While much has been written on the nuances of this subject, there are several defining characteristics of this generation. Millennials are highly mobile and technologically savvy. They expect highly personalized messaging, and tend to connect with companies that adapt quickly to trends. Companies that stand out in this arena will catch young workers’ eyes, but companies looking to attract a Millennial workforce should also invest in a compelling, complete learning and training program. This will demonstrate to Millennials that there is room for personal growth within the organization. While Baby Boomers felt a need to build a comfortable life around a traditional job, Millennials are looking for unique experiences and to diversify their skill sets. Organizations that can cater to these needs and also present a clear path for advancement will be the most attractive to Millennials. Stand-out companies will demonstrate through their training programs that they will help this group of employees grow beyond the roles for which they were hired.

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