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Augmented Reality Will Increase Efficacy of Training

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

As virtual- and augmented-reality technologies become more sophisticated and readily available, many training professionals are exhilarated at the possibilities they will bring to the workplace of tomorrow. Not only does augmented reality open the doors for nearly limitless innovation and creativity; it also has the potential to help organizations speed up their training processes while making them more beneficial to employees. By affording the potential to put employees into situations that would be difficult to re-create, augmented reality allows trainees to experiment in a nearly unlimited list of scenarios. For example, a surgeon could use an augmented reality system to learn how to perform open-heart surgery without having to risk a patient’s life. Medical texts and even sophisticated training dummies come nowhere near the realistic nature that experiential simulations can replicate. However, the medical field isn’t the only place augmented reality would be beneficial. These systems could also simulate hazardous workplace conditions that an employee may face, and help train employees in the proper protocols to use when facing these hazards. 

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