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February 2015
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Branding, Culture, and Engagement
Sunday, February 15, 2015

A company’s brand should be the same as its culture, and one key arena in which branding can be effective is in the world of employee engagement. When it comes to engagement, organizations tend to throw money at the problem, hoping it will go away, but this strategy rarely works. According to recent studies, American companies have spent more than $720 million to get their employees engaged and enthusiastic; however, the results are less than stellar. Gallup found that only 13 percent of employees would say they are truly engaged with their work. Employees who are not engaged are, at best, less than productive, and some are outright drains on resources. Organizations with strong cultures tend to have more engaged employees, and in turn are more successful. Companies like Apple and Google make a conscious effort to align their brands with their cultures, and the result is that engagement increases, revealing a powerful tool for growing organizational awareness and engagement.

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