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Building Successful Gamification

Saturday, September 24, 2016

In many organizations, employee training can feel out of touch and antiquated. More often than not, organizations will gather employees into a room and show a presentation without any sense of engagement or interactivity. However, a growing number of organizations are seeking to make their training programs more effective by gamifying them. By participating in a training session with a more gamelike atmosphere, participants become active members in their own education, rather than passive listeners who more than likely are waiting for the training session to end. However, for gamification to be successful, several factors must be considered. The most important element of gamified training is longevity: It can't be a one-off session. Employees must earn rewards for continued performance that is incorporated into the core of their work flows. The gamified training system must become part of the organization’s communication and feedback systems, rather than a temporary superficial supplement. Competition should also be an element, but rather than competing against other employees, competition should mean that employees are competing against themselves. 

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