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Coding Skills: Not Just for the IT Department
Thursday, December 17, 2015

In years past, coding has been a skill reserved for very specific roles, but as technology advances, it is becoming important that every employee have at least some basic coding knowledge. Schools and universities are already placing a heavy emphasis on teaching students to code. But individuals already in the workplace without such knowledge may be at a disadvantage in the future. Thankfully for them, the advent of online, learn-to-code services such as Treehouse and Codecademy offer web-based training tools that allow workers interested in coding the ability to work at their own pace and learn the fundamentals. Coding has become particularly important with the rise of big data. It’s important that nontechnical staff in departments like marketing become familiar with coding languages in order to understand the complex information that business intelligence solutions provide. “Any company that collects large amounts of data can see the benefit,” says Alex Moher, digital marketing specialist at Versique. “As so much data is being generated, companies need to see the concentrated version. For example, I work on a team of digital marketing specialists who deal with many thousands of rows of data on a daily basis. We are able to clean up our data to show certain trends and action points in a relatively short time.”

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