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Communication Is Key

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Regardless of industry or position, communication skills are critical to the success of any team. Whether it’s a call center employee being short with a customer or a sales team wasting time with confusing emails, an inability to effectively communicate will be a detriment to any organization. According to numerous studies, hiring managers and executives alike consistently rank communication as one of the most important skills employees can have; it’s important that organizational leadership take this soft skill seriously, and when it’s lacking, utilize effective training techniques to close the gaps. When communication deficiencies are dealt with at an organizational level, there are many benefits. For one, these training programs help employees to keep their emotions in check and consider the needs of others. Additionally, they can help employees ask for things they might not currently have the language or tools to effectively communicate to their managers, such as the need for more help, or the need for better training in other skills. Teaching employees to clearly and concisely communicate what their needs are not only helps operations run smoothly, it also can increase employee satisfaction—thereby boosting engagement and retention rates.

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