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Companies Retraining Employees to be Data Scientists

Monday, October 17, 2016

As technological sophistication increases, so too does the demand for data scientists to compile and interpret the ever-growing mountain of data being collected every day across the globe. These data scientists aren’t going to be relegated to high-tech Silicon Valley jobs; they will work for marketing firms, retail companies, and consulting firms. Businesses across the board agree that Big Data can help improve productivity and profitability, but the talent gap is already starting to grow. According to the International Data Corporation, by 2018, businesses in the U.S. will need about 181,000 individuals with a deep understanding of data analytics and over 900,000 with data management and interpretation skills. As of now, there aren’t enough skilled data scientists to meet that need. In order to get ahead of the curve, smart companies are working now to train current employees, deepening their understanding of the data sets necessary to keep an organization competitive. New and innovative data science boot camps and custom training regimens are helping close the gap, retraining existing employees to take up the responsibility, rather than looking for external sources.

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