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Concepts for Gamification

Monday, June 12, 2017

Digital gaming has become ingrained in our society and culture. According to a study by Essential Facts, in 2016 more than 60 percent of American households had someone who played video games on a regular basis. Over the past decade, companies have taken note of this fact, and have experimented with adding games to their employee training. "Introducing serious gaming into a leadership development program allows leaders to build expertise and prepare for future events in a safe environment while offering significant psychological benefits," according to Deloitte. This gamification of training applies the concepts and principles usually found in video games, like points, badges, and “leveling up” to everyday, nongame scenarios. However, it’s often challenging for trainers to create effective gamified training programs on their own. One concepts to consider when doing this is to tell a compelling story. Adding a story line to your game will create a narrative thread that pulls employees through. As part of this, it’s also important to create conflict. Players need challenges to overcome. Aesthetics should also be considered with training games. Often visuals are overlooked, but they can be a powerful tool for keeping players immersed.

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