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Cultivating the Individual for Retention
Friday, May 29, 2015

The most valuable resource a company has is its staff, so when talented individuals come on board, it is in the organization’s best interest to keep them there. There are several ways to retain talent, but there are some tactics that work better than others. First, the differences between employees should be celebrated, rather than stifled. Getting to know what makes employees tick and playing to their ambitions can help keep them engaged, and thus retained. Not everyone is driven by the same thing, and shouldn’t be treated like they are. For example, giving an employee an award in front of the entire company and asking him to make a speech may be great for a gregarious individual, but a nightmare for an introvert. Additionally, make it clear there is room for growth within the organization. Most talented employees crave new challenges, and seek both personal and professional growth. If an organization cannot offer this, its employees will start looking elsewhere.

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