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Demand and Control
Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Recently the workplace culture of Amazon was criticized for being cutthroat. And while the workplace is an increasingly demanding place, most executive leaders understand that their human capital must be managed carefully. Exhausted, burned-out employees aren’t good for business. So is the idea of a rigorous yet engaging workplace a myth? The idea actually boils down to two simple concepts: demand and control. When great demand is placed on employees who also have very low levels of control, they will feel intense job strain, stress, and fatigue. Not only will this be bad for the corporate culture, but it can also be physically detrimental. Workers in such environments are four times more likely to die from heart disease than workers in more peaceful workplaces, and exhibit doubled rates of depression. The goal in developing a workplace where high demands are placed on workers without crushing their spirits is to also up the level of support and control workers have. Workers who feel a sense of purpose and drive and know that they have the support they need can not only function in demanding positions, but thrive under pressure.

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