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August 2017
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August 2017
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Does That Employee Really Need to Be Full Time?

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Despite the increasing demand for flexible schedules, many organizations are not embracing the idea of having a part-time workforce. This all or nothing approach is causing businesses to miss out on very talented individuals who could have a positive impact their bottom line. Many companies, in fact, could benefit from hiring part-time workers, with many positions ripe for transition from full time to part time. Redesigning these positions, however, takes some thoughtful consideration. One place to start is by reducing the number of people an employee interacts with, such as the number of clients they handle, or the number of people who directly report to them. Part-time roles become problematic when the employee is the only source of knowledge, the only contact, or the only person able to sign off on a particular action. In redesigning these roles, businesses can assign work to a team rather than an individual, or pair up senior employees with those with less experience. It’s also important that a company have multiple avenues to share knowledge and information, rather than relying on one point of contact.

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