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For Cybersecurity Success, Get Middle Management Involved

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Most would agree it’s critically important that an organization cultivate a culture of compliance regarding cybersecurity, privacy, and social media use, but what are the best practices for accomplishing that goal? The task isn’t easy, but it’s certainly simpler for smaller companies. As organizations grow, the task becomes exponentially more complex. Korin Neff, senior vice president and chief compliance officer for Wyndham Worldwide, says that at large organizations, security compliance conversations usually center on getting senior management involved, while midlevel workers are largely ignored. While it’s important for a CEO, a chief financial officer, and a board of directors to buy in to a cybersecurity program’s principles, it’s also important to get the next level of leaders involved, bringing the message into the workforce and pushing it forward. “We’ve developed a network of compliance champions to lead the 'tone at the middle' throughout the company. We gather them together annually to talk about cyber security, privacy and other compliance issues,” says Neff. “We discover what’s really important to them and how to resonate that message throughout their areas of the business. We’ve learned that while it’s important for people to understand the 'dos and don’ts' in terms of cyber security and privacy in the workplace, the way to get employees really engaged is by explaining how they can incorporate those practices into their daily lives.”

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