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Growing Leadership Among the Company Ranks
Monday, December 12, 2016

As the labor marketplace becomes increasingly volatile, smart companies are looking internally for the next generation of leaders. A recent Forbes study found that 86 percent of the CEOs at America’s 100 largest companies were appointed from within the company’s ranks. But to foster effective leaders, organizations must allocate time and resources to the existing workforce. First, it’s important that companies empower employees through mentoring programs and delegation. “An employee’s success, the lens they see through, the decisions they make and how they navigate their careers are all heavily influenced by the types of leaders they are able to observe and learn from,” Glenn Llopis wrote in his article “Leadership Is About Enabling the Full Potential in Others.” “This is why you will find that many of today’s best leaders were mentored by great leaders themselves.” It’s also important to avoid bait and switch tactics. When a well-meaning CEO promises to promote an employee to a leadership position, but then for whatever reason loses confidence in that individual, she may decide to go with an outside hire. While this might make business sense, it sets a dangerous precedent that can destroy organizational trust.

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