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Incentives Boost Engagement

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

One of the biggest reasons for stagnation in employee engagement rates is that workers often feel like they are being ignored. Unable to share their frustrations or effect meaningful change in their work environment, dissatisfied employees will eventually leave. Many of these disgruntled employees will have no problem sharing enterprise information with outsiders; they’ll speak ill of the company among their peers and on social media, perhaps hurting the organization’s recruitment possibilities, and they can create a negative atmosphere around them, which disrupts work flow and productivity. To combat this and boost employee engagement, it can help if managers get a little personal. One surefire way to engage employees is to offer benefits and incentives tailored to their own career goals or personal interests. Have a younger employee who likes to travel? Send them to conferences to hone their skills and become an even better performer. Have retirement-age employees who need to stick around because of their institutional knowledge? Offer creative pension plans or retirement bonuses. This is the most clear-cut way to improve engagement at any organization. Gallup found that nearly 70 percent of employees say they are disengaged because of a lack of incentives.

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