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Infrastructure Plan Should Include Training

Monday, June 19, 2017

President Trump has started the planning process for a $1 trillion infrastructure plan that seeks to refurbish and revamp America’s roads, bridges, waterways, electrical grids, and air traffic control systems. The plan to modernize infrastructure will require the cooperation of the administration and congressional leaders, but whatever the details of the bill, to be successful, it will need to overcome a severe lack of skilled workers necessary to man the massive projects. To do this, the White House should make skills training for these infrastructure-related jobs a focal point of the plan. America’s 4.3 percent unemployment rate is low but deceiving. Research shows that 46 percent of workers in this country consider themselves underemployed, and while 6.9 million people are out of work, millions have dropped out of the workforce altogether. This problem is particularly severe in the construction and infrastructure industries, which require a high number of skilled workers. By planning for training opportunities, the administration will be able to not only accomplish its tangible infrastructure goals, but also ensure the future of these industries.

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