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Lack of IT Security Training a Major Risk Factor
Monday, November 16, 2015

A lack of security awareness among U.S. employees continues to plague the national economy. According to research, 73 percent of American workers believe their company provides an adequate level of IT security training, while 72 percent of IT professionals believe that employers aren’t doing enough to educate their workforce. These numbers highlight the need for more cooperation among management teams, the IT department, human resources, and individual employees to ensure the safety of sensitive data and organizational intellectual property. One in 10 employees say they have misplaced a device containing sensitive information, 12 percent say they have used shadow IT without proper authorization, and 37 percent say they have access to information that employees of their level shouldn’t have. "Most employees are not acting maliciously, but their carelessness can be just as damaging,” said Heath Davies, CEO of Clearswift, the organization that released the survey. “Companies need to wake up to the fact that employees have the potential to cause a company a huge amount of damage through their actions, and ensure that training, policies and technology are in place to minimize that risk.”

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