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Leadership Buy-In Makes Ethics Training Stick
Monday, August 14, 2017

Most everyone would agree that ethical operation should be a top priority in any organization; however, making the lessons learned in ethics training stick is an entirely different matter. According to a recent report from the Ethics and Compliance Initiative (ECI), Ethics and Compliance Training: What Gets Results, 82 percent of employees say that ethics training is relevant to their job, but only 48 percent say they apply the lessons they learned in their ethics training in their day-to-day jobs. Additionally, according to the study, 69 percent of trainers say the most important objective of their sessions is to change ethics-related behavior to prevent misconduct in the future, but the majority of these same trainers say the most successful elements of their programs are the more mundane matters of sharing legal and policy information to satisfy regulatory requirements. The study also revealed something interesting—having leaders visible during a training session made a big difference in the results. For example, when leadership wasn’t present in the training session, only 43 percent of employees say they learned something new, as opposed to the 59 percent who said they took something away while the boss was there. ECI CEO Patricia Harned explains that when employees see their leaders show up for training, “They perceive the leader thinks the policies and regulations of the organization are important . . . and they get a sense from their senior executive that the training is important too.”

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