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Marketing Employee Engagement

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A good marketer is able to promote and sell products and services by tapping into the emotions of the audience. Engaging employees is no different; their emotions must be accessed. This emotional element to engagement is often overlooked by organizational leaders when thinking about internal marketing. Advertising professionals focus on creating engaging content for potential customers, and not putting similar energy and attention into internal communications is a big mistake. If employees are to become more engaged, they have to know you care. They must be reminded that their efforts are appreciated, and that their concerns are being heard. A great vehicle for this is by sending out recognition announcements, “big win” newsletters, or even birthday lists. The less employees feel like a cog in a machine, the better. Another way leaders can accomplish this is to look into employee advocacy programs. This isn’t just a way to offer employees a platform where they can share their experiences; it also helps them gain a greater sense of ownership in the company. Overall, employees want to enjoy their jobs. This happens when they are forging meaningful relationships, receiving actionable feedback, and offered enticing rewards.

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