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Microlearning: Effective and Accessible

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

As attention spans shorten, schedules become more hectic, and workdays become more irregular, employers are looking for nontraditional ways to train employees effectively. The popularity of three-day-long, in-class, in-person seminars are waning, and on-demand learning is taking its place. This has led to an increase in microlearning, which breaks down e-learning into sessions as short as a minute to deliver training materials. The idea is to provide employees with the exact information they need the second they need it. This approach has shown to improve knowledge retention, in accordance with George Miller’s Learning Theory, which states, in part, that the human brain cannot process and retain beyond seven (plus or minus two) portions of information in the short-term memory at any given moment. It also states that training materials must be meaningful to the learner before they can retain the information, which is why this on-demand style of learning can be so effective. Additionally, on-demand microlearning is incredibly accessible, meaning learners can access the training materials whenever and by whatever means they are most comfortable. This helps keep employees productive during the day and allows the ability to switch between their work tasks and training content seamlessly.

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