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Millennial Workers Need New Management Styles
Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Many managers aren’t quite sure how to handle the Millennials in their workforce. The generation defies long-held workplace traditions and bucks well-established values. This can create strife in the workplace, with older managers feeling confused and perhaps even a little disrespected. Many view Millennials as narcissistic and lazy; however, this is a simplistic view. There’s a positive side to a Millennial workforce that is often overlooked. Millennials are a highly entrepreneurial and creative generation that is tech savvy and globally minded. However, to get the most out of them, a different approach to management is needed. According to Paul Harvey, assistant professor of management at the University of New Hampshire, Millennial employees are more praise-focused than older workers. "Managers have reported a lot of problems associated with this—primarily that . . . younger employees are often very resistant to anything that doesn't involve praise and rewards," he says. While this might sound like entitlement to some, it’s important for employers to realize that the attributes that drive Millennial workers aren’t worse than those of older generations; they’re just different.

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