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Number of Boomerang Employees Growing in the UK
Friday, August 19, 2016

According to new research conducted by Robert Half UK, rehiring former employees is becoming increasingly popular. According to the report, 84 percent of HR executives say they are more accepting of boomerang employees now than they were three years ago. Over a third of these directors say they have already successfully rehired an employee who had previously left. On the reverse side, only 7 percent of HR directors are opposed to rehiring former employees, the report indicates. “Rehiring former employees back into the organization can help to offset the current challenges companies face in the war for talent, says Phil Sheridan, senior managing director of Robert Half UK. “This growing acceptance of boomerang employees emphasizes the increasing fluidity of the job market. Many firms see value and potential cost savings in allowing employees to expand their experience and skills set outside their organization, leaving the door open for them to return at a later date.” The research also shed light on which kinds of employees were the best to rehire. About 60 percent of HR directors said that a successful track record was the most important factor in the decision, while 40 percent said it was the employee's fit into the organization’s corporate culture. 

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