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On Workplaces and Bullying
Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Difficult workplaces come in all shapes and sizes and affect those involved in myriad ways—none of them positive. Unfortunately, these situations are all too common. A recent Canadian poll revealed that more than 50 percent of employees would say they actively hate their job or merely endure going in to work every day, while 82 percent would describe their boss as a "jerk." As managers, it is important to understand the causes of and solutions for dealing with a toxic workplace. It usually boils down to a single individual. Career coach and psychiatrist Marcia Sirota says, "Toxic colleagues can make an otherwise great job into a living nightmare. All it takes is one impossible person and a job we love can be a job we need to leave." Often, it comes down to dealing with a bully. Unfortunately, it seems workers are hesitant to speak up about this behavior. "While 43 percent of workers admitted to having an office bully, 88 percent of HR managers said that bullying either never takes place or not very often," says Gena Griffin, manager at "Only 27 percent of workers reported telling their manager, and that could be part of the reason why HR is unaware that it is taking place."

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