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Personalized Learning Offers Needed Privacy
Monday, July 24, 2017

To improve the quality of training, it’s important that employers embrace the newest technological tools to get the job done. Traditional classrooms and corny videos must fall by the wayside if an organization is to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. There are several key benefits of personalized learning platforms, some of which are more apparent than others. One that is rarely brought up is privacy. Employees are more likely to be honest with themselves and their supervisors about the areas in which they need work when training is conducted in a private, personalized setting. "No one wants to admit that the area they're supposed to be an expert in is something they need help with," said Kendal Willis, who until recently was director of employee experience at Fond, an employee-engagement startup. This type of learning helps employees focus on areas in which they need improvement and makes them more likely to actually learn. Additionally, the privacy digital tools offer can help managers learn skills that are often difficult to quantify, such as giving difficult feedback and managing teams. "A lot of [managers] have never managed before, and what they're learning about in private is what they're really interested in," Kendal says.

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