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Remote Work – Planning is Key

Saturday, October 8, 2016

As telecommunications technologies become more sophisticated, more and more employees and managers are considering remote working options. Offering work from home days has it’s benefits, both for the organization and the employee, but can be difficult to manage using traditional tools. When considering a work from home plan for an employee, its important to start on a trial basis. Employers must also be selective of who they allow to work from home. Remember, remote work isn’t right for every job, employee, or organization—no two employees are alike, and everyone has their own style of working. The employees that perform best remotely are those who are self-disciplined, self-motivating, and self-starters. Additionally, its important that employers provide training during the transition from traditional to remote work, while keeping lines of communication open. Plan regular and frequent touch-base sessions with remote staff members to give updates and feedback. 

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