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Social Media Training Is Important
Friday, October 16, 2015

Social media has become incredibly important in organizational branding strategies. That’s why it’s important to train employees on the right—and wrong—ways to engage with customers on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Sharing too much information or off-brand materials through official channels can hurt a company’s image, and using private social media accounts to discuss work-related topics can be equally damaging. However, if employees are instructed in the proper usage of social media, both officially and unofficially, it can affect a company’s brand in a hugely positive way. Studies consistently show that customers trust peer experts or “people like themselves” far more than they trust a company’s CEO. By receiving information horizontally through social channels, they are far more likely to engage with the content, and with the company. Employees who are trained to use social media effectively are three times more likely to share appropriate content, yielding three times the impressions a nontrained employee would. They will generate 30 to 50 percent more engagements and will double click-through rates. Overall, they will have the experience and confidence necessary to generate and share influential content.

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