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Speed of Tech Makes IT Training Difficult
Thursday, April 14, 2016

In the United Kingdom, more than a third of IT professionals say they have not received any technical training from their employer for the past three years. This is despite the fact that 97 percent say that training on the latest tech developments is essential for them to do their jobs effectively. And this isn’t lost on these worker’s managers, either. Almost all of them—95 percent—say that keeping a workforce up to date and fully trained is important for organizational success, but when it comes to actually training employees, 70 percent of managers say the speed of technological innovation makes it nearly impossible to remain on the cutting edge. This inability has created significant job insecurity as well—almost 90 percent of IT workers say they would leave their current organization for one with better training opportunities. “IT managers recognize the value in having a well-trained workforce but other business priorities and tight budgets mean training is often neglected,” says Rich Pearson, senior vice president of marketing at Upwork, the organization that conducted the survey. “As a result, workers often feel stifled in their jobs, which can have negative effects on performance, morale and loyalty.”

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