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The Death of the Performance Review
Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Research has shown that performance evaluations are largely ineffective. They have the potential to consume resources and time, and may also leave workers and managers disheartened. Few companies, however, have done much to change the traditional review process, often citing limited alternatives. But this hasn't been the case at professional services firm Deloitte. The company’s new approach to the review process, piloted on 10 percent of Deloitte’s employees, does away with cascading objectives, 360-degree reviews, and numerical ratings. Instead, it's replaced these methods with four simple questions for managers to ask themselves about their employees: 1) Given this person’s performance, would I award this person the highest compensation increase if it were my money? 2) Would I always want this person on my team? 3) Is this person a risk for low performance? 4) Is this person ready for a promotion today? Deloitte hasn't yet said how it will share data it collects with employees or how much information it will share.

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