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Three Ways to Fight Turnover

Monday, September 12, 2016

Turnover is a major problem in today’s workplaces. When an employee leaves it directly cuts into an organization’s bottom line, and depending on how the employee leaves, it can also create ripple effects in morale levels. Smart companies are working hard to reduce turnover rates, but to do that they need to understand why employees leave in the first place. A lack of clarity, lack of engagement, and outdated technology are three frequently cited reasons for turnover. When employees feel like they lack knowledge about their company or their industry, they can quickly become frustrated. A company without a unified vision or poor corporate communication will see increased levels of turnover. If employees aren’t satisfied with their jobs, or don’t see any room for growth, there’s little reason to stay. Feedback and recognition will go a long way in increasing engagement, and consequently lowering turnover. Outdated technology an often overlooked reason for turnover, but if a company refuses to get up to speed, technologically speaking, employees may become frustrated with the situation and seek employment at a more modern organization.

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