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Training as Small Businesses Grow
Monday, June 27, 2016

As small businesses grow, one of the first things needed to establish continued success is a meaningful training program. All too often, managers assume training will happen organically, and employees entering a growing small business must become acquainted with the company’s procedures and protocols, or else the organization will risk stagnation and collapse. One of the most effective ways a small business can get new employees up to speed is through a mentoring program. New employees should be paired with a seasoned employee within the first week of their employment, based on tenure and job function. During this time, the mentor can share company-wide best practices with the new employee one-on-one in a more meaningful setting than formal onboarding. In the same vein, more general training processes should be tailored to an employee’s level of experience. For example, an employee who has 15 years of experience in a related field shouldn’t start training at the same level as an entry-level hire. 

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