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Training Is Critical, Even for Senior Leadership

Monday, September 21, 2020

In corporate culture, we tend to think of leaders as static. They are who they are, they know what they know, and they lead how they lead. In many organizations, by the time someone reaches senior leadership, the prevailing attitude is that they are beyond the need for training; that training is something for new employees or those early in their careers. This way of thinking, however, leads to toxic cultures, ineffective managers, and high rates of turnover. According to Gallup research, nearly 70 percent of a team’s engagement is contingent on the effectiveness of that team’s manager. This means that pretty much everything—productivity, turnover, and more—is built on the foundation of the manager. The unfortunate reality, though, is that not everyone who makes it to management has the skills they need to lead. Often people become managers because they have been at the organization the longest. However, management requires a specific skill set and application of those skills to be effective. This is why training is so critical, even in the most senior leadership roles.

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