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Training Is Key to Customer Satisfaction

Saturday, June 17, 2017

In our increasingly connected society, it’s important that organizations prioritize customer service. All it takes is for one well-connected customer to have a bad experience, and suddenly an organization is dealing with a social media nightmare. On the other hand, organizations with outstanding customer service can lead to referrals that will grow a business organically. First, it takes a focus on clients’ needs. Every employee should be trained to take customer concerns seriously and respond promptly. In this day and age, immediacy is expected, and tomorrow is too late. Additionally, all staff—regardless of position and responsibilities—should be trained to answer at least basic questions a customer might have. Employees should always know what services are available, and how to connect a customer to the right department. Generally speaking, poor customer service has to do with a breakdown in communications. To prevent this, all parties involved must be aware of a customer's experience, so that the customer doesn’t feel like they are being passed around. By taking the time to listen to customers and address their potential problems, companies can avoid tremendous setbacks.

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