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Virtual Reality’s Usefulness as a Training Tool Is Growing

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

As virtual reality (VR) matures, its use as an employee training tool is becoming more widespread. Simulations are becoming more realistic and immersive, and more industries are embracing the technology. And while it’s not yet widespread due to prohibitive costs, some major names are seeing the benefits of its use. Brock McKeel, senior director of digital operations at Walmart, says the company uses VR in nearly 200 training centers for three different types of training: preparing for situations (like Black Friday or emergencies), learning and perfecting customer service techniques, and teaching operational procedures such as how produce should be stacked and arranged. Strivr, the company Walmart contracts with to provide VR training services, is looking to expand into even more industries in the near future. “Our product vision is about creating the flight simulator for blank: insert job here,” says Derek Belch, Strivr’s founder and CEO. Brian Meek, the company’s chief technology officer, says he envisions using VR to even train employees on soft skills such as empathy and hospitality.

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