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Talent Development and Training Is a Long-Term Strategy for Organizational and Systems Success in the Healthcare Industry


(Alexandria, VA) November 16, 2021—The Association for Talent Development (ATD) announces the release of a groundbreaking volume that provides critical and core information for talent development (TD) and training professionals working in the healthcare industry. Edited by talent development and healthcare experts Gregory Rider, Jacqueline Burandt, and Niranjani Chidamber Papavaritis, ATD Talent Development and Training in Healthcare Handbook (November 2021) explores the key areas of training within healthcare to promote organizational and employee success. Rather than presenting training as a short-term fix, the handbook shares guidance about using talent development and training as a long-term strategy for overall organizational and health systems accomplishment.

Recognizing the dearth of resources for talent development and training initiatives and efforts specific to the healthcare industry, in 2019, ATD began exploring how to create a comprehensive compendium that would offer talent development and training professionals in the healthcare industry foundational and advanced information about how to improve their health systems and organizations, the care they provide their patients, and the support they provide to one another. The result is ATD Talent Development and Training in Healthcare Handbook.

“As the world’s leading association dedicated to those who develop talent in organizations, ATD is deeply committed to ensuring practitioners have the tools and resources they need to drive organizational impact in every industry,” states Tony Bingham, president and CEO of ATD. “We are excited to present this first-ever resource for the healthcare industry and are grateful to all the editors and thought leaders who contributed to it. We look forward to seeing its application and impact and to continuing our work with TD professionals in healthcare.”

Talent development professionals in healthcare go by many titles such as preceptor, clinical trainer, clinical nurse specialist, nurse educator, learning or performance consultant, director of training or HR, and IT trainer. Regardless of their titles, all practitioners have a universal need to find resources quickly. As one of the few resources in this space, this book is a comprehensive and evergreen resource designed for all TD professionals in healthcare, whether they are new to the field or seasoned practitioners.

While training, learning, and development are important to the success of any organization, they are crucial to health systems. TD professionals in healthcare are distinct from those in other industries because the demands and requirements of healthcare are different from those in fields like finance, IT, or retail. It is particularly challenging in the healthcare field to build effective cross-collaboration and teamwork while ensuring that professionals and organizations remain compliant in this highly regulated industry. Employees in healthcare-provider spaces are typically siloed within their own territory, as practitioners work with patients, directors lead departments, and executives run the overall business. Talent development professionals and trainers, however, work with every department, specialty area, and employee in a health system. They are often the key to fostering effective teamwork, collaboration, and compliance, while handling employee career advancement and bringing the business together as a whole. Without training, practitioners may remain stagnant in their roles, and health systems may not thrive to keep up with the ever-evolving industry. Professionals in all aspects of healthcare (clinical and nonclinical) must work together and side-by-side to deliver the highest quality care and best stakeholder experience. In the most extreme cases, improper or nonexistent training can severely affect patient care.



About the Editors

Gregory Rider is director of corporate compliance for EmblemHealth in New York City and the tristate area. Jacqueline Burandt is president of Award-Winning Results and formerly led the Center for Learning Excellence at University Health in San Antonio, Texas. Niranjani Chidamber Papavaritis is the project manager for healthcare training content at the Association for Talent Development.

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