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Use the Building Blocks Framework to Drive Sales Results


(Alexandria, VA) September 14, 2021—In The Building Blocks of Sales Enablement (ATD Press, September 2021), leading sales enablement expert Mike Kunkle introduces a comprehensive framework to help anyone who wants to build or evolve a sales enablement function that truly drives results. Delivering a holistic and strategic approach, Kunkle focuses on a formal maturity model, with 12 core sales enablement building blocks supported by systems thinking and cross-functional collaboration. Kunkle aligns four key systems to get results—sales hiring, sales readiness, sales training, and sales management (including coaching).

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Kunkle’s framework is timely given the complexities of today’s fast-paced world. Implementing the Building Blocks framework requires critical thinking, creative thinking, and systems thinking, thus ensuring a thorough, multidimensional, and cross-functional approach that is both seller- and buyer-centric.

Kunkle advises two main audiences on how best to use the framework and book. According to Kunkle, “First consider a problem you are trying to solve—from implementing a new sales methodology and struggling to get adoption, or buyers not responding well to the content reps are sharing, to reps pitching products rather than using a buyer-centric, problem-based prospecting approach. Then using the results of the assessments, you can start implementing or refining the appropriate building blocks that best help you close the gaps identified. Similarly, if you’d prefer to do the work on your own, you can use the building blocks or the four systems in this book as a diagnostic, assessing your organization against the best practices to create an action plan.”

For sales enablement leaders, he advises, “Use the building blocks as a diagnostic tool and a road map. Assess your function against the full building blocks framework to determine what you are currently doing very well, and where you can improve. For example, if you don’t have a charter, start there and create one. Are you implementing the correct sales methodology? Getting the methodology right is critical. Are you launching a new product? Prioritizing is key.”

“No matter your role, no one can implement all building blocks or systems at once. It’s like the old joke about how you eat an elephant—one bite at a time. Using a diagnostic approach and the logic outlined here, work to get the building blocks and systems in place—one (or two) at a time—based on your resources, time, and budget and always with an eye toward impact and supporting strategic objectives.”

Kunkle’s framework is not meant just for people who hold the title of sales leader or sales enablement leader; it is also for cross-functional stakeholders (in marketing, sales operations, legal, and finance, and in the C-suite, as examples). Kunkle explains, “Even if you don’t have personal responsibility for hiring or product messaging or sales process or sales compensation, you want to be working cross-functionally with those other leaders to ensure the sales force has what they need and is operating at the highest-possible level. You’ll want to read this with your team to see how you can best support enablement.”



About the Author

Mike Kunkle is a respected sales transformation architect and internationally recognized sales training and sales enablement expert. He is an experienced corporate leader and consultant who helps companies drive dramatic revenue growth. He also is the vice president of sales enablement services for SPARXiQ, where he advises clients, writes, speaks at conferences, develops and leads webinars, designs sales training courses, delivers workshops, and designs sales enablement systems that get results.

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The Building Blocks of Sales Enablement
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